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Starting and running a business can be an emotional roller coaster! It’s an exciting time where great achievements can be made, however depending on the day it can be a difficult, challenging and frustrating time as well.  In writing the Continuity Works Blog, we hope to share the highs and lows of developing a concept, taking it to market and delivering our portfolio of services for our customers whilst passing on tips, advice and the things we learn along the way.

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Both Ray and Keith, founding Directors at Continuity Works Ltd, have a passion for business and many years of experience across varying industry sectors.  We hope you enjoy the blog as much as we enjoy producing it, why not get in touch and let us know, ask a question or just say hi!

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  • Am I asking the right questions? - I had a conversation today and it struck me that we very often don't ask the right questions. 
  • Responses - It’s a funny thing, I was going to write a post today about responses and how you never hear back from some places, however that’s going to have to wait for another day as the strangest thing happened today…. I had an email response from a company I didn’t contact. The company in question were… Read More
  • Supporting the Budget Bonds - We are proud to be able to support Alan Fairbairn and the budget bonds on their Rust 2 Rome adventure in aid of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.  Have a look at what the guys are up to and donate if you can, it’s a wonderful cause. The Budget Bonds on Facebook The Budget Bonds –… Read More
  • The A-Team - Nope. I’m not talking ‘Howling Mad Murdoch’ or ‘B. A. Baracus’ but the people we work and communicate with on a day to day basis, or even just occasionally.  We begin building relationships almost daily; knowingly or unknowingly with our words, actions, body language and attitude.  When we started on this venture I don’t think… Read More
  • Branding - The logo and branding design competition is over, a big thank you to everyone who tool part via 99designs.  All of us here at Continuity Works Ltd cant wait to get our social media sites updated.  Watch this space to see what we have chosen, I hope you like it as much as we do.
  • Our status has changed - It’s official, we are limited…. not by skill or ability but as a legal entity. Continuity Works Ltd is now being updated across all our sites and the official branding will be rolled out soon.  Exciting times ahead!!!
  • Get Your Timing Right - I’m writing this today as Ray is buried deep in sales literature and numbers.  I can see him grumbling and nodding his head in equal portions as he works his way through.  It’s not the first time this week he’s been like this, it’s been every night, so why you ask is he putting himself… Read More
  • For the Love of Goals - Goals. Starting this new venture has me thinking about goals and how we achieve them.  Without focus and drive reaching a goal can seem a distant target to aim for.  We all have goals but sometimes we don’t even realise we’re getting a step closer to them with every action ticked off that list.  We… Read More
  • The Business Plan - For anyone curious about how the business plan / sunshine balancing act went yesterday, I’m happy to report the business plan was completed on time and my tan was successfully topped up as well. It’s longer than I care to think about since I set up my first business and in the years since my… Read More
  • Working in the sun - Timelines and planning are important with any venture or project and to take our new business to market we know we have to meet some ambitious deadlines.  Today I have a deadline looming, I need the latest draft of our business plan to be out for internal review by close of business to stay on… Read More
  • The Journey Begins - Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton