The A-Team

Nope. I’m not talking ‘Howling Mad Murdoch’ or ‘B. A. Baracus’ but the people we work and communicate with on a day to day basis, or even just occasionally.  We begin building relationships almost daily; knowingly or unknowingly with our words, actions, body language and attitude.  When we started on this venture I don’t think it occurred to us how much we would rely on those bonds we created whilst spending hours with individuals whose skills spanned many fields within the IT sector.

Trust is key.  When we build strong ties with people those ties can remain many years after the project or piece of work has long gone. The recent level of support, knowledge and guidance we have have received from those we once associated with in the board room has proved that solid relationships were created.


To build working and personal relationships that last we need to consider standing by some basic principles:

  • Being Positive
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Showing respect and appreciating others
  • Welcoming diversity
  • Consider your own Emotional Intelligence (EI). It will help you understand so much about yourself and others around you
  • Set boundaries
  • Listen

Of course it takes more than the above 7 principles, but they are a great place to start and trust me they will help you  building strong relationships throughout your career and personal life… may also find yourself the ‘Hannibal’ of your very own A-Team.





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