Get Your Timing Right

I’m writing this today as Ray is buried deep in sales literature and numbers.  I can see him grumbling and nodding his head in equal portions as he works his way through.  It’s not the first time this week he’s been like this, it’s been every night, so why you ask is he putting himself through this?

Well…. We are a new company and we need technology solutions that are as agile and customer focused as we are, and in order to do that we need to find just the right solution. To facilitate this Ray has built a requirements matrix using the MoSCoW technique (great technique, although he still can’t remember the name of the chap who introduced him to it!)

Ray is looking for a voice solution and a CRM solution and has a very specific defined set of requirements for each, and needs to ensure they can be met with a solution that can still allow us to offer exceptional value to our customers.  To make sure we get just the right solution takes time and patience, and as we are finding now, CAPEX, implementation costs, ongoing costs and setup support all play a part in building the picture.  There are a lot of companies out there who provide these type of solutions, and the more you talk to them, the more you learn.  We have reached out to a large number of providers, of all sizes to ensure we get the best products for us and our customers. Trialing and Demoing where needed to ensure the right fix.  The down selection process is where we are now, so some further calls and demo’s will be needed to get us to the “one” we take forward


Some of the regular visitors to this site may be wondering how we can have a business plan out for internal review and still be discovering costs, and rightly so.  The answer is, we are working to an aggressive timescale, and to make sure we meet them, we have the team reviewing the products and pitch in the plan, while the discovery for tooling takes place, that way we can plumb the number in when we have them bottomed down and the next review will be a financial review, with everything else already agreed.


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