The Business Plan

For anyone curious about how the business plan / sunshine balancing act went yesterday, I’m happy to report the business plan was completed on time and my tan was successfully topped up as well.

It’s longer than I care to think about since I set up my first business and in the years since my first venture I have started and developed a number of my own businesses and supported the creation of many others.  In that time a lot of my opinions have changed and one of the most significant is the life of the business plan.  When I started out, I wrote a business plan as a snapshot in time, used to get past an approval or to achieve a funding goal and from there it was never seen again, however I’ve learned over the years it’s so much more.   A business plan to me now, is a living document.  It starts as a view of future expectation for a new or expanding business, however when revisited and updated weekly / monthly / annually It’s a great way to show how your business is growing, how you are achieving against your initial targets, what services should be adapted or retired and can be beneficial identifying how emerging markets can be catered for by adding in new services.

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