Working in the sun

Timelines and planning are important with any venture or project and to take our new business to market we know we have to meet some ambitious deadlines.  Today I have a deadline looming, I need the latest draft of our business plan to be out for internal review by close of business to stay on track… the thing is though, it’s a nice sunny day out there (wasn’t expecting that on a Bank Holiday weekend), I’m at home as it’s a Bank Holiday, the kids have their friends coming over and I want to be out in the sun.  Once upon a time, I would have been tied to my desk to get this done, however technology as long as it’s used well can really help the work life balance.

I’m writing this on my mobile while topping up the hot tub for the kids and my tablet will be on my knee later, so I can make the most of the sun while I work.  Everybody wins.

Technology is there to make our lives easier not to take over every waking minute, balance your time and use technology wisely, don’t let it use you!


Ray (in the sun)

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